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October 18, 2018

Rainy Day

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Smiling Boy Watching The Rain Outside At A Window You wake up expecting sunshine so you can meet a friend and have a picnic but instead you face a window dosed with rain soaking the ground. What do you do instead? How do you feel? Do you spend the day alone?

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October 17, 2018

Which One Are You?

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bigstock-Love-Birds-on-a-branch-56002589Which one are you? Are you the person who acts in order to inflict suffering on others because you want them to know how you feel or are you the person who says, this hurts and I will never do this to anyone?

Write out how you came to this belief.

Keep the pen moving,


October 11, 2018


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Boys Fishing Write the conversation these two young boys are having. When you write in a child’s voice, do not use words, phrases, or references adults use. What age are these boys? Let your pen have freedom to play with this assignment.

Keep the pen moving,


October 10, 2018


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Side view of young girl playing hop-scotch in playground What was your favorite childhood outside game? Who did you play it with? Did you usually win? What season did you need for it? Remember that when you write dialogue in a child’s voice, the language and phrases must be what a child would say. The point of view must be in the moment and not an adult looking back unless you are writing it all in the adult point of view.

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October 9, 2018


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KODAK Digital Still Camera Get your journal open, pen poised, and write for 20 minutes: everything you know and remember about rugs.

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October 8, 2018

Point of View

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Thinking Cute Kid Girl Looking. Instagram Effect Portrait What is your point of view on your country’s political system? Write it in detail. Also include what information you don’t know enabling you to answer this question. Then do your research. What do you think of the individual people in government?

Keep the pen moving,


October 5, 2018

Deeply Held Memories

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Brimmed Hats Write out one of your deeply held memories. Remember, if when you write, something unpleasant arises, let your pen release it. If you get overwhelmed, drink cool water or warm tea, take a walk, stretch, cry, laugh, whatever is needed. Your body has its own infinite wisdom. Listen to what it tells you.

Keep the pen moving,


October 4, 2018


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bigstock-KOLKATA--FEB---rickshaw-dri-69446905.jpg Study this picture until you can feel something about it. Then, write the story. Remember to use the senses, where do you think this man lives, and what is he doing? Who is he posing for? Let your imagination go, it needs the exercise.

Keep the pen moving,


October 2, 2018


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Child Waking Up I am one of those people who is awake the minute my eyes are open. I can get up, stuff in a load of laundry, check my emails, water the plants, and do some filing before I even put the kettle on for caffeine. This drives people nuts. I can’t see the problem.

What does it take for you to start your day?

Keep the pen moving,


October 1, 2018

Smells of Grade School

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African girl holds flashcard with zero at  desk Do you remember the smells of grade school? The dense waxy smell of crayons, the sharp stench of a lunch box sitting in the classroom for hours until its opening at lunch time, the enticing smell of spring begging you to go out and play while you are busy learning how to add, remember?

Write about the smells of grade school.

Keep the pen moving,


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