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June 2, 2011

Writing Memoir

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Each life on the planet has unique stories and it is amazing to see what happens when we write them. But first I want to address an issue that seems to come up when I instruct students in my classes to write something personal and that is — fear. I’m not sure what you would be fearful of if I asked you to write something personal but what I hear in my workshops are fears about someone finding out, someone getting upset, someone not loving them anymore, someone thinking poorly of them. So what some of my students have done is submerged the desire to write deep inside of them and then they sit with this urge to write eating at them. So here is what I tell them: write it anyway. Get into a very private spot with no one around. If the person you are worried about reading your story is around you, then get out of that environment. Sit in your car, go to a library, go to a park, go anywhere that person is not and write. After you write then you can decide what you want to do with your written piece.

If fear is holding you back why not make your first written piece about the fear that is holding you back. Explore it deeply. See if you can get up the courage to write despite all odds. This is a common experience for a great deal of writers but as the old cliche says — there is nothing to fear except fear itself and when it comes to writing your personal story — it is your story to write or not. Allow yourself to make the choice. Give yourself permission to speak about your life and your experiences.

So, 1. start writing about fear and include what you think might happen if you write your truth. 2. write your story 3. decide what you want to do with the piece, and 4. write more tomorrow.

Contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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