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June 3, 2011

The Hardest Part of Writing

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The hardest part of writing is no different than the hardest part of life. And what is that? Telling the truth, of course. Our worse fear is often about someone finding our written pieces. What in the world would they think of us? But as the old cliche says: the truth shall set you free and so will writing out the truth. I guess I’m full of cliches this morning because here is another one: practice makes perfect or at least it makes it close to perfect because there is nothing easy about telling the truth most of the time especially when our minds have a built in censor that pulls back our pen as we attempt to say it all. But when we practice writing about our authentic self in all its glorious forms emotions, thoughts and actions we can feel perfectly at peace with ourselves.

I know too many people hurting from not writing out something that has plagued them for years. They are fearful that if they let it loose they will dissolve on the spot. But when an issue, event or circumstance haunts you for longer than you want it to, it is time to do something about it. Get into a quiet spot, open to a blank page, pick up your pen, take a deep breathe and jump in. It doesn’t matter if you start at the beginning or the end. It doesn’t matter if you have spelling errors or get facts mixed up. The only focus need be getting out the emotion that remains locked inside you. Did you know that cancer patients are often asked to write out the times of their lives that hurt them the most? Did you know that emotions stay lodged in our muscles in the form of energy just as toxins do from our food? Talk to any masseuse who does deep tissue massage and ask them if they have ever had a client break down crying on the table. Our bodies store emotional and mental upsets and writing is a wonderful healing tool to help you release that pent up energy.

I have written a 78 page book, Write to Heal, to help people who want to use writing in this way. Check out my blog titled Six Tips to Be Realistic with Your Manuscript on

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