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June 9, 2011

Do you have a relationship you want to heal?

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How many of you are tormented by relationships you believed in? Our minds stew and brew all kinds of scenarios about what we could have, should have and would have done if only . . . Well grab your pen and get busy. Instead of makng your mind the sesspool for all this stuff while you are busy getting on with your life, turn on your computer or grab a pen and piece of paper and get it out. In major relationships in my life that brought on excruciating pain, I knew the only way to really get over the pain and transform myself through it all was to write and write big. Those who know me know just which books did the trick. By writing deeply about those relationships I not only got over the pain, I got to view them as making me the stronger woman I now am and consequently allowed me to pass forward what I learned. Go to booksignings and listen to authors. Many of them will give you the behind-the-scenes scoop on the painful relationship that inspired or forced the book out of them. Every reader loves to feel and believe that she is growing as a result of spending time with a book — even a book that is light and enjoyable. Make your suffering mean something wonderful for you. Write it out.

Jan Marquart, LCSW, Author   website and bio

How to purchase Jan’s books:

Kate’s Way

Voices from the Land

The Basket Weaver

The Mindful Writer, Still the Mind, Free the

Echoes from the Womb, a Book for Daughters

The Breath of Dawn, a Journey of Everyday

Write to

How to
Write from Your Heart

How  to Write Your Own Memoir

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