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June 11, 2011

Letting Your Pen Tell It All

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To write anything from your heart means one thing: you have to write it from a deep place within your mind and soul. Even the description of a sunset has a better impact on the reader if you give him information about how the sunset impacts you. There are tips in this small booklet to help you do just that. For instance in this pocket-sized booklet, How to Write from Your Heart, there are eight tips to help you write so that your story or article has depth and meaning. On page 14 in this 21 page booklet for just $4.99 you will find a prompt that helps you Keep It Alive. There is a huge difference between telling someone something versus showing them. Unless you are writing a technical piece, a reader will want to feel and be inside what you are writing.  The best part about this booklet is that you can carry it in your purse, pocket or tuck it inside your journal. It can be ordered on my site:

For those of you writing a memoir, this little book is invaluable. The eight prompts teach you not only how to set up your sentences so they have power but also how to pay attention to verbs and adjectives. Find out what the eight tips that many new authors overlook are. Here is an assignment: write about the holiday that left the biggest impression on you. It does not have to be one that was enjoyable. It can be a holiday that was disastrous or that taught you a lesson in some unsuspecting way. Follow the tips and suggestions in this booklet. Use How to Write from Your Heart as a reference for all your writing and keep the pen moving. Let it tell it all!

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The Mindful Writer, Still the Mind, Free the

Echoes from the Womb, a Book for Daughters

The Breath of Dawn, a Journey of Everyday

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How to
Write from Your Heart

How  to Write Your Own Memoir












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