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June 20, 2011

Writing as a meditation

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Have you ever been involved in a creative project and now realize that while you were doing it you were peaceful? I used to feel that way when I sewed. That’s how I got through college. I sewed every day before classes. My closet filled in no time and I had beautiful clothing. Just 30 minutes a day or so and I was peaceful and transformed. I slowly worked around the pattern, got into the feel of the fabric, and watched a design manifest. Writing does the same thing for me now. I can sit and write a story or a chapter in a book and I’m in a world that lets me focus on being creative. I drop deeper inside myself and pay attention to how I feel and work everything onto the page. That process revives me. The world is so busy these days and most of the busy things we do are speed oriented and full of task completions making it too easy to miss the point of being fully alive. Settling into ourselves, being creative, listening to our own voices and inner motions produces health and well-being.

Take a pen and paper, which I prefer to computer keys, and write about something you enjoy. Write about it for a designated time period. I like 20 minutes because it takes me ten minutes or so to get settled and to start the internal flow. Thirty minutes is best. Stay focused and keep writing. If your mind wanders off the beaten path write that too. You never know where the word flowing out of your pen from your heart will take you. Just follow its path. Get into its rhythm and breathe with it. Allow and enmesh yourself with it. Write smells, tastes, textures, sounds. Enjoy it and don’t allow any interruptions.

For writers out there, I would love to communicate with you about your writing. If you have any questions about writing projects, journal writing or fears about writing, please contact me.


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