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July 6, 2011


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Do you have an illness or condition that makes no sense to you? Would you like to spend ten minutes digging deeper? Try this:

List all the words you can come up with about your illness or condition. For example, you might say: oppressive, obstacle, nuisance. Make the list as long as you can until you can’t come up with any more. Then read the words until they bring to mind a person, relationship, or experience. Each word should match that person, relationship or experience. Now you can see that your health has a direct connection to your life’s unresolved matters.

For those of you who know TAT (Tappas Acupuncture Treatment) hold this position while you read each word visualizing the experience of the illness for that word, then the person, relationship or experience it connects to. For those of you who don’t know TAT here is what you do. Cup your right hand around the base of your skull. Take your left hand and place your thumb and ring fingers on each side of your nose near your tear ducks. Then place your middle finger on your third eye. The spots your hand and fingers touch are acupressure points. Keep your hands in this position while you say each word. As you say each word think of the person, event, experience that you targeted as matching the words, then think of your illness or condition and how it effects your life. Do this for each word. If your list is long take a break in between. Drink a glass of water then take a few deep breaths and continue.

I’d love to hear your experience in doing this technique. I just happened to stumble upon it while I was suffering from a chemical sensitivity and I was amazed at who and what came up when I called out each word. I feel as if I’ve just taken a leap in my healing.

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