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August 27, 2011

Interview with life coach Tim Levy

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Hi Everyone,

Today I want to share an interview I did with Tim Levy, author of The Life Summit. If you are trying to figure out the next step to take in your life or you simply want to follow your dreams-finally-read this interview and check out his book.

Tim Levy was born in Australia, and up until recently, he and his family have moved to the U.S. Tim’s passion is to help people follow their heart’s passions in order to live the lives they really want, instead of the lives they are told they should live.

I have heard him speak, and I must say, he has shifted my own thinking about my life’s passion. If you are feeling stuck or need a new way to think about your passions, you know, those dreams tucked in your heart, you must read, The Life Summit.

Tim Levy speaks all across the world. He offers workshops and speaking engagements. I strongly suggest checking into this creative, angelic and brilliant man. Enjoy the interview.

Note – this article was written from my notes – these answers are not direct quotes. They’re my interpretation of what Tim said.

  1. Your book, The Life Summit, speaks to following your dreams. Would you tell me more about this idea?

It’s an interesting idea: to follow your dreams. Most people have dreams inside them, but they spend their lives trying to find something that will make money instead. They go to college and work hard every day to take care of their families, but in reality they are miserable. And they spend their lives trying to be happy, wondering why they are so miserable!

It is because they haven’t followed their dreams. If they follow their dreams they will be happy, but most people don’t see dreams that way and believe following their dreams won’t lead to making money. But that’s not true. The right sides of their brains, the creative side, and the left side, the logical side, fight each other. If they followed their dreams, they could live the life they want. I am a living example that following your dreams can happen and give you a wonderful life. When the left side of the brain kicks at the right side, people give up their dreams. There needs to be a cooperative balance between the two. My happy customers are living proof that my strategy works.

2. What brought you to write this book?

I had no plans to write this book, but everyone was so curious about how I came to live a happy life and why my clients were happier, that they asked me to write it. So I did!

3.   I attended one of your talks and found it inspiring. How did you learn that motivational expressions were your passions?

I do not consider myself a motivational or inspirational speaker as such. My passion is to teach clarity. And I didn’t ask myself: how I was
going to do that. I just sat in meditation, calmed my mind and focused. The clarity I got came because I had a passion to perform a service to help other people get clear. Surrendering through meditation keeps me on task.

4.  What dreams of your own are you working on?

I’d like to be able to help more people at once. I enjoy working with clients one-on-one but time often doesn’t allow that. When you work on an individual basis you can watch the results more closely – which is very satisfying. In groups I can offer help to more people on a wider spectrum. That’s what I’m developing right now.

5.  Do you have another book in mind? 

I’m thinking of writing books for children so they can be taught the concepts of following their dreams at a young age. I don’t have a lot of time to write, but this is of interest to me.

Tim Levy is the author of The Life Summit, written in the name of a process of self-discovery. The Life Summit is intended to help people strive for a better life, a more perfect life, one that follows their heart’s dreams because that’s where a life’s passion resides. Check it out and order:

Hope you enjoyed my interview with Tim Levy.

Until next time keep the pen moving,



  1. What a great interview for the Life summit. Thanks and I am so glad I found you. Great job!!

    Comment by Jackie Paulson Author — September 3, 2011 @ 12:13 am | Reply

    • Hi,

      I tried to reach you through your site but couldn’t get through. Thank you for participating in my blog. My website is There you will see my books and get more writing comments. Jan

      Comment by freethepen — September 3, 2011 @ 12:24 am | Reply

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