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November 30, 2011

Review of Janet Boyanton’s Alone and Alive

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   Alone and Alive is the chilling story of Janet Boyanton’s sudden nightmare. Her husband suddenly dies on a camping trip alone with their nine year old son. Given just that introduction, you might not want to read this book imagining that it would be grief filled only – but you would be mistaken. Alone and Alive is not just about Janet’s sudden nightmare. It is so much more. It is a powerful, easy-to-read, and structured self-help directory of what women in this position should do in order to restore matters for her life. From how to watch for the behavioral changes of grief in children, to what to consider if you ache to sell your home to move on, this short but information-packed book will empower widows to take life into their own hands, even while grieving. I’ve counseled grieving women for decades and wish I had had this book in the past so as to offer the bare bones assistance needed at such a time.

Alone and Alive is an empowering book for women who, in their darkest night of the soul, may not think they can manage it all alone. But Janet Boyanton proves they can. This is a must read.

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