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February 25, 2012

Writing Good Essays

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Someone asked me the other day how to write an essay. I’ll make this easy. You need three points of view:

1. thesis

2. antithesis

3. synthesis

Making sure your essay has these three steps makes for good reading. Conflict and tension keeps readers reading. And everyone wants to read how conflict can be resolved and that’s where the synthesis comes in. Essays are needy of these three components or your written work can come across as one-dimensional and uninteresting.

When writing stories the thesis and antithesis are vital to your story’s foundation in order to keep the reader between energies. This tension keeps the reader reading. A reader wants to know that they are going to arrive at an ending that makes peace with the conflict even if the conflict is unwanted news and there lies your synthesis.

Romance often keeps the reader hanging on every tense word with hopes that love will be the end result. The end is your synthesis. Who doesn’t like arriving at a solution that involves love?

Write down the three steps: thesis, antithesis, synthesis and tape them on your computer. When you edit make sure you have developed each of these steps.

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