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January 7, 2013

Women’s Voices

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Happy New Year Everyone! I can think of no better new year’s wish than the wish to become wiser and healthier — and on that note I want to recommend a book I am currently reading, The Woman I’ve Become. I recommend this book because many brave woman took the time and courage to write about how they came into their own power through abusive or painful relationships. I trust that their stories will link themselves to the experiences of all readers in some way.

I know the word abuse is an overused word today as we each try to raise our consciousness about how to live a better life both with others and ourselves. But sometimes the internal pain of abuse gets overlooked as we begin to live it day by day. We work too hard to change the abuse instead of stepping out of it. The Woman I’ve Become is a testament to that, but it is also a testament to what happens when we write, read, and share our lives. Please read the interview below with Pat LaPointe, the author of this powerful book. The Woman I’ve Become will not only get you thinking about your own road in relationships but it might just inspire you to lift your pen, write your story, and share it as well.

1)      What motivated you to write a book about women overcoming abuse?

For more than ten years I worked in mental health and my clients were predominantly women. It seemed that for so many women, regardless of their presenting problem, there had also been some form of abuse, either occurring at that time or in their past. It was rare that they presented with the abuse as being the reason for their seeking therapy. Many of them were embarrassed to speak about it. Some felt it was their fault. My goal in writing this book was to give these women a voice, not only to finally talk about their abuses, but to have them offer inspiration to other women as they described how they became self-empowered.

2)      Where did you get the women for your book?

I sent a request for submissions to Poets and Writers, Writer’s Digest, Story Circle Network and other women focused publications.

3)      How did writing this anthology affect you and the women in it?

The one consistent response I received from these women was gratitude for finally being able to share their experiences. As I read these stories I found myself moving from anger to sadness to joy at the women they became.

4)      Did the contributors to this book benefit from the stories of the other women in it?

Most of them felt that finally they were not the only ones who had experienced such abuses and toxic relationships. One woman stated that as she read the stories, she cried not only for those other women, but for the person she had been. This reaction was experienced by many of the women.

5)      How can someone interested in this book order a copy?

The book is available on Kindle from and in print from Barnes and Noble.

About the Author – Pat LaPointe is the founder of Womens Voices, An enrichment center for women located in Northern Illinois. She is the editor of the Changes in Life Monthly Newsletter for Women and is active in the Story Circle Network, serving as president of the organization from 2012 to 2014.

Author’s Bio: Pat is currently the President of Story Circle Network:  She has been published in the Story Circle Journal and  their annual True Words Anthology as well as other on-line and print publications. She is the editor of the monthly on-line newsletter for women: Changes In Life:  She resides in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, enjoys spending time with her nine grandchildren, and is currently working on two novels.

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