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February 14, 2013

Writing to Manifest

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Writing manifests results. I have witnessed clients, friends, family, and my own life manifest through the written word. The key: your words must represent what you really want because the written word is the energy that will produce, or not, what you ask for. 

Envision what you want. When you get a picture of it in your mind, write it out in the details of the vision. Do not write what you will settle for, or what you might be satisfied by if you get it. And, write big. If you write out what you want but feel guilty if you get it, you won’t get it. Your writing will impact the energy you put out and affect the results you manifest. Write your desired good without fear or guilt. Write it in all its splendor. Be fearless.

I play with this all the time with students and with my own manifesting. There is much to learn about the energy we put out for our desired good. This is not a new age concept; writing your desired good is stated in the Bible. Words have power because they are powerful energy, but the words must be compatible with the true desire.

See what you can manifest through the written word.

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