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April 15, 2014

Writing Memoir to Heal Your Life

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anduze2004Writing about your life is a wonderful and powerful way to understand events and their purpose. Often situations won’t seem to fit into how you thought your life should play out but upon further speculation they fit perfectly into what you eventually learned or where it led you.

The topic of your memoir can be about one incident or a theme that runs through your life. Make a chart listing every year of your life.  For each year list the significant events, things you learned, change in directions your life took, and losses and gains. Is there a theme that runs through it all that inspires you to write? Are there events on your chart that  taught you important lessons? These are great places to start taking notes to see if you get inspired to continue.

Writing memoir has meaning for our lives. It teaches us the value of what we have lived through and reminds us of new paths to lead us to a better life. We get to uncover, discover, and recover from life’s events through the power of writing deeply. Memoirs leave legacies for our children so they know their ancestors. Knowing our ancestors give us a piece of ourselves.

Keep the pen moving.

Jan Marquart

CEO and Founder of About the Author Network


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