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May 22, 2014

Writing Deep!

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Writing has many purposes: to entertain, educate, heal, document, etc. Writing takes us into the wonderland of our own minds, spirits, and creativity. Creativity taps into the intuitive, lends from the mind, pulls up from the body, and explores the ineffable. Creativity is one of the strongest healing methods for coping. Writing is a powerful way to create and heal, play and teach, the list goes on.

Sometimes it seems everyone I know is keeping a journal and not one of the people who talk to me about it finds writing in a journal has no purpose. The purpose might differ from person to person but everyone has mentioned in conversation how healing writing is. They love playing with words, making pictures with language, finding new aspects of who they are and the life they are living. If you keep a daily journal explore other ways of keeping a journal. Here are some ideas:

1. speak to what you are feeling in the moment

2. explore the story in your dream

3. write pros and cons for conversations you want to have in order to reduce anxiety

4. play with a fantasy that flashed through your mind

5. document experiences you have lived through

6. spill words that came through powerful feelings that could work into a poem

7. essay what you love

Keep the pen moving!

Jan, CEO and Founder of About the Author Network


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