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July 28, 2014

Finding Fresh Ideas for Writing

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sabneraznik2012-1Four Simple Ways to Find Fresh Writing Ideas

by Sabne Raznik

We all need fresh ideas for writing projects. With all the responsibilities we have, there is little time for reflection, and that is required for good, thoughtful, insightful writing. What can we do to facilitate reflection?

  1. Get up a half hour earlier or stay up a half hour later. A half hour isn’t long, but it may be all you need to quiet your mind, process your emotions, and your observations, as well as mentally organize them so that you can use the insights you gain in that extra half hour of purposeful thought to generate beneficial ideas.
  2. Be aware and observant through your day. We tend to rush through our days more attuned to our to-do list than to our environment. Make yourself notice something new in the mundane every day, even if it’s just the texture of a wall. This is how you gather “data” that you can sort later during your extra half hour for insight.
  3. People watch. This was one of my favorite games as a child. I would sit somewhere and make up stories to go with the people who passed by. Life is all about “hurry up and wait”. When you’re waiting in a line or in traffic, take note of other people around you. Those people will hand you ideas on silver platters without even realizing it.
  4. Take notes. Keep a small notebook and pencil on you at all times. Write down any useful ideas and phrases that randomly pop in your head through the day. Get these notes out and go over them during your extra half-hour. Refer to them when you sit down at the computer.

Finding fresh ideas is a mind-set and requires reflection. These simple life tweaks will make all the difference.

About Sabne Raznik:

She is an internationally published poet, writer, book reviewer, photographer, guest blogger, singer/songwriter, and sketch artist with two poetry collections – full length Following Hope and art book Marrow. You can reach Sabne at the links below:
Thank you Sabne, I know these tips will inspire my readers. Keep the pen moving! Jan


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