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October 8, 2014

The Fortitude of Women

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The Fortitude of Women

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Jan2014   The Fortitude of Women

Why do I call this post such a title? Have men had to break through a glass ceiling in order to get a job they can perform? Have men had to fight for the right to vote? Have men had to fight for a voice in anything?

This post is not intended to be politically motivating but anytime we try to overcome anything how can it not be political.

Here are some statistics I took off the VIDA: In the Literary Arts website.  These stats are for 2010 and it speaks to the amount of articles published for women versus those written by men.

Magazine                                                Women                               Men

The Atlantic                                             52                                         158

Harper’s                                                    25                                           94

London Review of Books                       74                                         343

The New York Review of Books           79                                          462

The New Yorker                                     163                                          449

What if  women  submitted to these magazines flooding their offices with women’s voices and points of view? I have no way of knowing for sure how to interpret these figures but I do know that something is off here. One of the facts I’ve learned from teaching journal writing and other classes on writing is that women are prone to keep their voices silent to the world while they write their hearts out in books that get hidden in closets, attics, and garages. Well, I say, it’s time to get what we have to say out into the world.

These six magazines are not the only ones for publication and there are many women writers in other magazines but if these statistics have a voice and speak for the divide of published men and women writers we must speak louder. If you are a journal writer whose work is hidden between the covers of books stashed away, it is time to unpack your voice, experiences, and views and put them out for publication.

Journal writing is fabulous. But the time to stay silent is over. Now, it is our time. Speak up on the treatment of women around the world, TV shows depicting stalking, rape, and other harm to women as entertainment, how our food is being treated and distorted, there are thousands of issues. It is time women took their place in the world and broke their cultivated silence.

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