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November 12, 2014

The Pen Speaks

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Are you watching your pen freeze in your hand? Can’t think of a thing to write? How can that be? Are you struggling to come up with a brilliant idea? Geez — do you think that could be the problem? Are you trying to control the pen or the mind? They are not the same. So start with what you mind is saying, not what you want it to say. The mind is speaking to you. I know because you are thinking as the mind is always talking to us about something. We get so used to our inner voice that we often don’t realize we hear it. Take a breath and listen.Write out what the mind is saying then go from there. If you want to write don’t stop the pen by thinking too hard. Just breathe, listen, and write. Perhaps your next thought is: I always liked my father’s brown wing-tip shoes but you think that that statement is too dumb to write. Write it anyway. You might just wind up writing the best piece about your father. Writing lets the inner voice speak, the voice that only we hear, the voice that disregards the ego so let the pen be its trailblazer. Don’t censor, don’t edit, and don’t stop writing. Let the mind wander if it wants. Let the mind take you where it wants to go — you never know where you will wind up. Keep the pen moving, Jan – CEO and Founder of About the Author Network

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