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November 18, 2014

Whether You Are the One Who Harmed Or the One Harmed – Write!

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65thThose who write every day know the power of writing. Those who write deeply about their pain and use the pen to sort out their internal distress know the power of writing to heal. When we shut up the voice others hear and we listen to the inner voice that only we hear we get to the raw part of who we are and in that process we find out what has truly happened to us, or what we have done, and hear what we honestly need to get on the road to recovery.

When I teach expressive writing through the provocation of journal writing and therapeutic writing I find that whether you are the one who has been abused or you are the one who abused someone else, the healing effects of the writing process works the same way. Anyone who has abused has been abused – that fact isn’t new. Prisons are packed with men and women who have suffered traumas of their own.

Trauma brings numbed feelings and so the acting out and reacting behaviors will continue until something in the individual is awakened, acknowledged, and healed. Veteran centers all over the country are learning about the power of writing and healing by watching veterans with PTSD heal through writing their stories, both what happened to them and what they did to others.

Writing your story heals and there is no doubt that when you set yourself on a course to heal through writing it is powerful. I always recommend that when anyone embarks on such an intense internal process, because numb feelings will be reawakened, that they put themselves in therapy with a therapist who knows how to walk them through this process. PTSD results from many different kinds of traumas and abuse. Write all you want, write every day but do get help for going deeper. Talk therapy and writing is a wonderful combination.

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