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December 29, 2014

UnVeil the Wounded Self – Write to Heal

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65thLet me introduce myself. My name is Jan Marquart and I have been writing Free the Pen, a Blog for Writers for a decade. Because I have a psychotherapy practice and write daily I send this blog to you as often as I can to share with you the power of writing from my own experience and that of other writers.

We are about to embark on a new year, 2015. Now for most people that segmentation of time brings hope for fulfilled dreams. For many, it is a continuation of a living struggle. I want to share with you a program I have designed and have given on-line and in-person for four years. This program has come about through my own writing and life experiences that has included daily journal writing, publishing eleven books, articles, essays, poems, and stories. I have learned that writing is an invaluable tool for taking the creative act and healing through the use of it. I have healed from traumas and the more I write the more I am awakened to the power of our inner voice when it is heard and has a means to express itself. I do not take this healing process lightly. It is quite powerful.

I offer it so that 2015 can bring you more than new days on a calendar. I offer it so that it can offer you healing and soul-repair. Read the description for this 6-week writing intensive.

I teach this class around the world, on line and locally in person. Every person who has bravely embarked on this writing to heal PTSD and other stresses has been helped. The fee is slightly higher in person for many reasons.

Heal the abuse you have absorbed and the traumas inflicted on your psyche. You do not need to be haunted by suffering any longer.

Email me:

Keep the pen moving,

Jan, LCSW, author, CEO and Founder of About the Author Network

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