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January 21, 2015

Write to Heal

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Post traumatic stress isn’t the only cluster of symptoms that can derail a life. Sometimes we have one incident that takes over our minds and emotions disallowing us to get enough sleep, eat right, laugh, etc. such as being fired from a job we love, being misunderstood by a family member, having a one-time incident that haunts us because we cannot find a solution to employ.

Although my six-week intensive writing course Unveil the Wounded Self- Write to Heal is having stunning healing effects with students and clients, not everyone wants a six week course. In response to requests, I have designed a 1.5 Hour One-on-One Write to Heal session. Check it out here:

Studies show that writing helps the body/mind/spirit overcome difficulties.Writing strengthens the immune system that stress depletes. There are many health benefits that come about through writing. Venting through writing is certainly helpful in the moment, but true overcoming, transforming, and letting go comes from deeper writing. My workshops on The Provocation of Journal Writing evinces that through the process of journal writing for just a short time each week. Writing is one of the most valuable self-help healing tools we have.

To speak to me about this process or any of my courses, please email me at:

Keep the pen moving!

Jan, author of 11 books. – (one out of print)

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