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August 28, 2016

Journal Writing

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There are so many aspects of life you can write about in your journal and there are many ways to structure your writing in a journal. Some people focus on specific things such as goals or emotions. Some people write daily or just when they feel like it. It truly doesn’t matter.

I have read numerous studies that reveal writing is powerful in manifesting, overcoming, triumphing, changing emotions, and even diminishing physical pain. Journals have been kept by people as far back as they could find a tool to use. Caves are replete with markings from ancient times. Those markings tell stories of how lives were lived. There is something about making our personal stories and inner realities visual and documented that changes our perspectives.

Journal writing is healing and creative not only to support making sense of your life but journals are tools to understand your own thinking, emotions, and the behaviors that have to follow. I say have to because that is how we function. First we have a thought which creates an inner emotional reaction and then we have ways we want to behave.

If you want to understand or change something in your life, take up your pen before you do anything else and see what arises. Speaking for myself, I have been writing everyday since 1972 and without my pen I don’t know how I would have gotten through the most unexpected and challenging times of my life. No mentor could have given me the wisdom of who I am any better than the pen. Speaking for my students in my Provocation of Journal Writing classes and other classes I have taught, they  have also expressed the amazing help of developing further understanding, found the ability to make peace with the past, and have manifested creation of new plans for their futures.

Try it. Take this challenge:

For one week write daily for at least 15 minutes on something from the past that you would like to understand. First write the situation from your point of view, then the other person’s, then as a stranger overseeing it. Let me know the results.

Keep the pen moving,



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