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May 31, 2017

First Day

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School Bus Do you remember the first day of school or another first day that is strong in your emotional memory? Write about it in detail. What was it the first day of? How did you feel? How old were you? Did you have support?

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May 30, 2017

Creative Non-Fiction

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jan pen ink for webCreative non-fiction is a short, self-contained, full story within itself. It has  a beginning, middle, and end. It’s word count is 250 – 750 words.

Write a creative non-fiction using the theme — what I wished I had said.

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Jan and

May 29, 2017


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Thinking Cute Kid Girl Looking. Instagram Effect Portrait Let’s think for a moment. What values have you been taught that have proven wise for your life? What values have you given up due to changing times? Who taught you these values?

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Jan   and

May 28, 2017


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Me and Dad 1987 This is the weekend to honor heroes, those who have served the country, our families, our lives. My Dad is my hero. He not only served the country during WW II in the Army, but he was there when he was needed in the family as well. I think of all the little things he did: drove me to teen age parties across Brooklyn in snowstorms after working a hard day, buying me my favorite cherry pie on Sunday getting up early to buy bread and pastries while we slept, washing and waxing my car, and some big ones too: studying to become a Mason so he could sit in the member-only meetings while I was Queen of the Triangle girls pushing himself to the limits of his education. I am in awe of his sacrifices. He never complained. He only offered his services.

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Jan and

May 27, 2017


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bigstock-Winter-Forest-56265137  We might not realize we miss seeing the color green, until it is gone. Then we wish for spring, for leaves, for lush grasses. When do you think of the color green?

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Jan and


May 26, 2017

Wild Woman

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Print  Fields At The Rainbows End  Long Stem Red Rose  Create a flash fiction, 250 to 750 words, about a wild woman and include a heart, rainbow, and red rose. Now let your imagination go – don’t censor. Just write stream-of-consciousness style. You will surprise yourself with your own creativity.

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Jan and


May 25, 2017


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Little girl jumping with an inflatable round tube in the pool, h Who can you trust to catch you when you jump? Write about the character of that person.

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Jan  and

May 24, 2017

For the sake of . . .

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jan pen ink for web Every day we make sacrifices or choices for the sake of someone or something else. Write about a time when you did something for the sake of another. Perhaps you recycle for the sake of the planet. Perhaps you donate money for the sake of helping those in need. Write in detail about what you do for the sake of, including your philosophy, the act of doing, what it costs you, and anything else involved in your choice.

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May 23, 2017

In Transition

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Yellow White Blank Delivery Van Truck Of My Trucks Series How many life transitions have you had? Did the transition involve a geographical change, marital change, career change, health and healing matter?

My life has been challenged by dozens of transitions on many topics. These life changes can be difficult if they are wanted and traumatic is they are not. What were your transitions? Where did these changes take you? Write your story-as-lived narrative. These transitions change your life, can lead you through an unwanted experienced to a fulfilled dream-come-true. These stories are your memoir. Write them in all the details.

Keep the pen moving,

Jan and

May 22, 2017

Embarrassing Moment

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bigstock-Vogue-style-vintage-portrait-35629610 What was your most embarrassing moment? What happened, who were you with, how did you resolve it? Or do you still feel embarrassed when you think of it? Re-write this moment and give it an ending of learning something or a benefit that resulted.

Keep the pen moving,

Jan and

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