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May 18, 2017

Prompt – Relatives

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dad&uncle My favorite relative was my Uncle Harold, pictured on the right. He and my father, on the left, were eleven years apart and best friends. My Uncle  adored his little brother. He had a contagious laugh, a loud voice – as do all the Marquarts, visited every Sunday for as long as I can remember, and was always pulling small pranks. His sense of humor was often devious, putting ketchup on the crotches of underwear on the clothesline, or quietly moving something in the house to drive my mother crazy. Since I rarely knew what he was up to, I’d often be on high alert when he came over. That alone made him tease me unmercifully. Uncle Harold had an allergy to the skin of a peach and that was my power. As a young teen, I’d chase him around the dining room table, holding out the peach. My father would have to come to his rescue. My father adored his big brother. My Uncle was kind and funny and I always felt loved by him. He introduced me to gardening and gave me the tightest hug when I flew home after recovering from a paralyzing illness, deep in tears. He adored my father — was always there for him when my father needed to talk. When my father died, my uncle was a torn man.  Uncle Harold was a wonderful example of loyalty, family honor, humor, and faithfulness, and I miss him so very much, especially on Sundays. And I adored them both.

Who was your favorite relative? What kind of relationship did you have with this relative and how did he/she make a difference in your life?

Keep the pen moving,

Jan and


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