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June 5, 2017


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Child Waking Up Dreams come in many forms. Often they seem unrelated to real life. Sometimes they help us resolve problems, as in the case with Singer. He couldn’t figure out how to get the needle to pull thread through cloth when he was designing the sewing machine. One night he was dreaming about tribesmen throwing spears at objects. The spear had a whole at the tip. When Singer awoke, he realized the dream had given him the answer to his dilemma. He then placed the whole at the point of the needle rather than struggling with it higher. The needle then worked to sew the fabric together and there you have the success of the sewing machine.

As for me, two of my dreams turned out to become truth. For months I dreamed that I had my thigh length hair cut off. Each morning I would awaken and reach for my hair to make sure it was still there. But shortly thereafter, I was poisoned by herbs, (which I ironically took to strengthen my hair) and wound up in the hospital. The doctor insisted I have my severely knotted hair cut off.

Another was in 2000 when I dreamed I moved to Santa Fe to start a new life. In 2005 I set out to Santa Fe to start a new life of healing after being severely poisoned by black mold. Both experiences have been written into books. Dreams can be a lot more than clairvoyant in nature. Many of my dreams help resolve old wounds. I rush to write those dreams in the morning as they help me let go of emotional baggage from old relationships.

What are your dreams? Is there one you want to document? Do you have recurring dreams that seem to mean something but you just can’t figure it out? Do you have emotional dreams that replay arguments or dreams of your future? Write them out in emotional detail. You can look up what aspects of dreams mean but one symbol may be different for each person. The important part of understanding dreams is to look at the emotional content and detected message. So don’t leave anything out. Write using all the five senses and any message that they bring.

Keep the pen moving,

Jan and



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