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June 7, 2017


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Girl Brushing Hair

Hair – how many hair dos have you had? Remember the flip, page boy, pigtails, ponytails, buzz cut, layered look, straight look, perm, and oh yes, the tweetie bird look? Don’t know what that was? Well, I do.

One hot summer August day I rushed to my mother’s hairdresser and asked her to give me a short cut because I couldn’t take my hair against my neck when the humidity rose. The gal started clipping and we started gabbing and before I knew it I sat facing myself near tears. She had cut my hair quite close to my head, except for the top which she left short enough to stand straight up.

I paid her, left, than ran as fast as I could the 10 blocks home despite the hot and suffocating air. I can still feel the pavement under my feet dragging me down as I tried to pick up speed praying I would not run into anyone I knew. In Brooklyn, Fifth Avenue is where everyone walks but I wasn’t going to stop for anyone.

When my boyfriend came over the first thing he shouted was, “Ah, tweetie bird, did you see a putty cat?”

Write about your hair experience. I could fill up a book about my hair. In fact, The Breath of Dawn was a book that started with my hair.

Keep the pen moving,

Jan and


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