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June 10, 2017


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a writer One day I was in Nob Hill in Ca. buying cold cuts at the deli counter when I ran into a woman I hadn’t seen for a decade. We worked together at a K-2 school in the late 70s. Of all the things she could have asked me, she wanted to know if I still wrote in a journal. I said I did. She wanted to know how she could write daily too, what did she need to know, what was the trick to writing daily. There is no trick, I told her, you sit down and you write. About what, she asked. About anything, I said. I usually start with the weather since we always have weather and even in Santa Cruz where the weather is near perfect every day, there is some nuance to it. She looked at me as if I were crazy. Ok, I remember saying, write about your breath. How does it feel to breathe in and out? Write about that. Write about your mother, your neighbor, your cat, your breakfast, your morning coffee. I looked at her curious face.

Why would I want to write about those things, she asked. What do you want to write about, I asked. I don’t know, she said. Ok, then start with one of my ideas. What do you write about, she asked. Everything, anything, whatever comes us, questions I have, conversations, movies, the moon on the ocean, and someday I’ll write about this conversation. If you want to write, then you have to write.

Someday, she said. I would love to be a writer.

Write about any detail of your morning and do it everyday. How does your breakfast make you feel today?

Keep the pen moving,

Jan and



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