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June 26, 2017

First Sight

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bigstock-Love-Birds-on-a-branch-56002589It was love at first sight. Go! Write wild! Write without censoring. Write until you are totally spent.

I dreamed about him last night, my first love. He has been on my mind lately. I worked with him on Wall Street back in 1967 for four years. I was only 18 when I met him. Didn’t care much for him but we worked together so we had daily contact. Even after I changed jobs, we stayed in daily contact. I had become friends with his team at work so it seemed inevitable. We were to meet for lunch one ordinary day. I exited my old office building and saw him waiting for me against the Chase Manhattan Bank building. He was staring into the mass of people walking to lunch in his grey suit and skinny tie to match his skinny body. Something in the way he looked, or the way we had kept connecting, or the way he laughed or knew things I didn’t. It is difficult to pinpoint. But suddenly, staring at him waiting for me, my heart took wings, I lost a breath, I felt an unimaginable joy. Love. I was taken over by a feeling of deep and rich love. I couldn’t feel the ground below me or the air against my face. Even if I had known in that holy second what tumultuous events would follow in the next five years, I wouldn’t have given up that moment. I had no idea I was capable of such a feeling. I still treasure that split second even though I have not had any contact with him since 1975 and he put me through hell.

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