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August 21, 2017


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dormantfrog Science explains a lot of phenomenon from why this little frog stays frozen until the weather warms until the solar eclipse — which is today. What is your favorite part of science? Why? What brought you to be interested in this?

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August 20, 2017

Daughters and Their Mothers

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meandmom70s Daughters and their mothers is a most enigmatic relationship. It is like no other relationship women have and it doesn’t matter if her mother raised her, gave her away for adoption, died in childbirth or left her on a doorstep.

Every daughter wants one thing of her mother: to be healthy in her own right. For every mother who takes her own health, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically, seriously, she gifts her daughter permission to be healthy too. When mothers refuse to be healthy, or is indifferent to the many areas health involves, that burden falls upon her daughter.

How healthy was your mother? How burdened did you feel by the way she took care of herself? Or, did she set you free by taking care of herself?

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August 19, 2017


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thermometer Summer heat! If you live in Texas or some other state where the heat is off the charts, then you know summer heat. What do you do when it is sweltering hot? What can’t you do? Are there activities you can only do in the heat beyond heat? Tell it all.

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August 18, 2017


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Child What is the best surprise you’ve ever gotten? Where were you? How old were you? Who surprised you? Tell it all . . .

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August 17, 2017


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bigstock-Vogue-style-vintage-portrait-35629610 It is difficult to believe that discrimination still exists in America. Generation after generation, we have yet to accept the many differences this country holds. What discrimination have you experienced? What discrimination do you feel towards others? How can you change your mind? What do you need to learn about the people you don’t think deserve what you do?

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August 16, 2017


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Long Stem Red Rose The Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel said: “We open our eyes too late.” What have you opened your eyes too late about? Write about that experience in every detail.

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August 15, 2017

Summer Fun

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Little girl jumping with an inflatable round tube in the pool, h What summer activity are you hoping to do before fall begins? Is this an activity you did with your parents? Is it something you discovered as an adult? Describe why you like it? Is there someone you want to teach this activity?

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August 14, 2017


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KODAK Digital Still Camera A woman walks into her kitchen and notices a vase of flowers on the counter. The only one who has a spare key is her ex, whom she hasn’t seen in a year. She never changed the locks on her door when they broke up. There was no need. He was a good guy. All this time and not a word from him. Now she wonders. Could he have put the flowers on her counter? If not him, then who?

What does this scenario create in your mind? Who is this woman? Who was her ex? What might be going on? What other scenarios could be in motion here?

Write a 1500 word story about this scene? Who is the real character? The woman? The ex? The flowers?

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August 13, 2017


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roadlesstraveled What are you most afraid of in life? How much power does it have in your daily decisions? What would you like this fear to teach you? If you weren’t afraid, how would it make a difference in your life?

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August 12, 2017

The Good Old Opposite Sex

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African Kids Playing On Swing In Neighborhood. Over the years, we hear truisms about the opposite sex. For instance, “men are dogs,” “women like to nag.” What have you heard about the good old opposite sex? Do you believe what you heard is true? Why? Why not? Does it not apply to your sex too? Who told you about this truism? Write stream-of-consciousness until you are spent. Let your mind run wild!

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