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July 31, 2018

Latest One

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Afuera_coverWhat is your latest accomplishment? Mine is having the 2nd book in my children’s series, CanYouFindMyLove? translated into Spanish.

Write out your accomplishment. Who helped you? Did you do it yourself? How does it feel now that the project is finished?

Keep the pen moving,


July 30, 2018

Write Your Vision

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moonkissingtheseaThere is nothing more powerful than writing your vision for your life. What do you want or see for your future? Write it in all details. If you want to do another step, cut out pictures out of magazines and paste them on a poster board to see your vision as well.

Keep the pen moving,


July 29, 2018

On the Way Out

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Girl On Unicycle On the way out .. . What comes to mind when you say that? Write it in all its details. When you write to warm up, mix fact with fiction with imagination. Add some wishes, hopes, and desires. Let the pen have its way.

Keep the pen moving,


July 28, 2018

Inner Circle

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Raccoon Family Who is your inner circle? What does it mean for you to be part of such a group? How has it made your life better or worse?

Keep the pen moving,


July 27, 2018

Lost Friends

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JanandViera Viera was a loving woman who survived the death of her husband while her daughter was 8 months in the womb and her 7-year-old son sat on her lap. She taught me strength and beauty and I miss her today on the anniversay of her passing. When I stare at the sky I see her smile in a star.

Write about a friend you lost. Who was she? What did she offer to your life?

Keep the pen moving,


July 26, 2018

No More Tears

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destiny Have you ever had situations happen to you that you thought would leave you crying forever? But soon there were no more tears left? Write about it. Describe it in all its smells, sights, sounds, touches, and memories.

Keep the pen moving,


July 25, 2018


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circleofwomen Write about your circle of women. Who are they? What does each bring to the energy of the group, or take away? Where did you meet them? Write details, maybe a facial feature, a body posture, a certain way they always dress.

Keep the pen moving,


July 24, 2018

Wrong Impression

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fly Have you ever wanted to hide who you are and pretend you were other than who you are? Describe the emotions, impressions, beliefs, actions that kept this in motion. Do you still do it or have you changed? Did you learn something about yourself through it all?

Remember that when you write use metaphors and senses. Make your writing rich.

Keep the pen moving,


July 23, 2018


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KODAK Digital Still Camera Ever get frustrated because life isn’t going the way you want it to go? Well, that’s the kind of Monday morning I’m having so far and I’ve only been up for 30 minutes. Okay, deep breathe, sip warm tea, put all work aside and write a poem. Ah! Much better.

What is getting you frustrated and how can you take a time out from it.

Keep the pen moving,


July 22, 2018


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bigstock-Vogue-style-vintage-portrait-35629610 Every family has a secret. What is your family’s secret? Who was it about? What happened? Why was it a secret? How do you feel about the secret? Did it change how you feel about your family?

Keep the pen moving,


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