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August 13, 2018


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Young mother and daughter with lettuce How do you handle authority figures? Who taught you the attitude you have about authority figures? How does that attitude affect your adult life?

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August 10, 2018


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Child Splashing In Dirty Mud Puddle Where do you like to walk? Describe the scene including smells, sounds, colors.

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August 9, 2018


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bigstock-Budgerigar-63980074.jpgStudy the faces of these parakeets. They have wonderful expressions, subtle, but telling. Write a story about what these birds are saying to each other. Let your imagination go as far as it can.

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August 8, 2018


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bigstock-Vogue-style-vintage-portrait-35629610What have you done that would shock people? Tell it all.

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August 7, 2018


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bigstock-Winter-Forest-56265137Have you ever known you were alone somewhere but felt the prescence of someone near? I once rented a 100-year old water tank converted into a little house. One night I was sitting on the floor on a large pillow reading Dostoevsky when I felt the flow of something like a silk scarf move across my ankles. The door and windows were shut. There was no possible way any breeze could have moved through the room. Standing in the bathroom putting on mascara I felt the presence behind me but there was no one there. It felt as if a presence wanted to scare me and get me out of the house. I began talking to the presence befriending ‘it’. When I moved two years later it had moved with me. My boyfriend owned a rocking chair and every time I walked into the room I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the chair was moving. One day my boyfriend walked into the living room with his coffee and stopped dead in his tracks. “I swear every time I walk into this room that chair is moving,” he announced.

I just smiled.

What about you? Every have such an experience with a presence?

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August 6, 2018


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dad&uncle I miss my family home where my Uncle Harold came over to visit his brother, my father, every Sunday. They would have a few beers, laugh, tease me mercifully, and fill the house with brotherly love. A wonderful reprieve from the constant arguing my parents kept in place each day.

What memory do you miss of your family home? Why? Tell it all. When you write a childhood memory you have two points of view to write it in: 1. from the adult point of view, or 2. as the child currently living it.

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August 5, 2018

There, But . . .

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Fields At The Rainbows End There, but, for the grace of God. How many times have you said that in your long and spectacular life? Write out one of those times in all its details. Why did you think you had been blessed? What happened? What could have happened instead?

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August 4, 2018


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Thinking Cute Kid Girl Looking. Instagram Effect Portrait Think about it. We all have at least one regret. What is yours? Write to heal. Write out your regret. How did you come to feel regret? What would you have done differently if you could have? What can you do about it now?

If writing something emotional is too painful for you, pretend the experience belongs to someone else and write it from their point of view or make it a piece of fiction. Psychologically, this allows the mind and emotions to free up and expression becomes easier.

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August 3, 2018

In the Valley

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KODAK Digital Still Camera Have you ever felt that your life was in the valley? Or maybe you hiked in a valley. What does ‘in the valley’ bring up for you. Write it in all its details. Who were you with? What conversations did you have? Practice writing dialogue and description.

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August 2, 2018

Sounds of Nature

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Pet Group The only animal I know of that doesn’t make a sound is the giraffe. It sometimes pains me to think that they can’t speak. Right now I can hear a coyote howling. This is unusual to hear them as late as 9 am. Their howling is a night sound. I love the sound of the coyote. In New Mexico coyotes often sat by my garage and howled. They were terribly loud being so close but then I would hear another coyote miles away howl back. I found myself sleeping well to the sounds of the coyotes.

What sound of nature’s animals do you like? Why?

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