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April 27, 2017


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KODAK Digital Still Camera Sometimes we see a beautiful sky and yet something on earth has gotten us angry. It might be something we heard on the news, a bill we received in the mail, or a promotion we wanted that our co-worker got. Whatever it was, write it out. Write out what happened, how you felt, and what you thought should have happened. Then write out something good that might come from the anger. Does it motivate you to do something in another direction? Does it make you finally have a good cry?

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April 25, 2017


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Pet Group Divisiveness is a commonly used word lately. Write your thoughts about it. How do you see the world these days, your community, your neighborhood? What would you like to do to change things? What kinds of changes do you think we need? What will your contribution be?

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April 21, 2017

Women Hold Up Half the Sky

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Thinking Cute Kid Girl Looking. Instagram Effect Portrait Let’s get political! Women have taken the brunt of jokes as the ‘behind the man’ power, despite working just as hard to keep families, towns, cities, and communities together. Despite women’s participation, men have been the deciding factor for women’s rights. Whether it comes to abortion, pay scales, positions in the business world, the truth is, women have had to fight for every ‘right’ they want. But — women hold up half the sky. Women count! Women matter! What do you want to tell your legislature about your rights as a woman. If you are a man reading this, what right are you afraid women might get? And why? Write in detail why you hold your point of view. And don’t forget, you can do something with your point of view. Find the address of your legislator, congressman, or other political advocate.

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April 20, 2017

Point of View

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thermometer What is your point of view about global warming? Don’t just think it! Don’t just talk about it to your co-workers! Write. Write out your thoughts, fears, expectations of what you want the people in Congress or the EPA to know. Write about what you think they should do about it. Write a story or poem and submit it to publications everywhere. Writer’s voices need to be heard. Make yours loud and clear. You are only one voice – but you are ONE VOICE. You know what happens when you put each voice together? You have a march of voices.

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