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December 18, 2013

Don’t Sell Your Book!

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Don’t sell your book! When you ask someone to buy your book don’t talk about the book. So, what should you talk about? Which marketing strategy is best? Which one would make you want to pursue a purchase?

1. You’ll love my book. It is a memoir. I have the best agent and editor in the world. I’m so glad it is finished. It took me ten years to write. People who read it say my book makes them want to live healthier. You’ll love it.


2. I think my story of how I survived cancer will inspire you to live a healthier life. I talk to readers about how I thought I was living well and then I got a diagnosis that changed my world. I’ve had many people give me their critique. Each one has told me in surprise that it was not a sad book even though they were afraid it would depress them. Instead they say my story inspired, enlightened, and made them want to share with the people they love how my book changed their thinking about health.

So — do you want to talk about the book — or the story in the book? We all love books for their stories.

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