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June 25, 2018

Moonlit night

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KODAK Digital Still Camera Okay, so I’m not a good photographer. Even so, you can see the power of the moon coming up on a quiet evening. The stillness is soul food. The moon is a reminder that nature is powerful and the universe is magnificent. I love staring into the full moon. It cleanses me of my day. It restores me like a prayer.

When I lived in Ca. I would often slip out of the house in the middle of the night and drive a mile to the ocean to watch the full moon slink across tiny waves touching the shore. That scene gave me the most inner satisfaction of peace I had ever known. It took me away from working and going to school full time, it took me away from an emotionally abusive boyfriend, it took me away from it all.

Write about your experience of a full moon. Write it all.

Keep the pen moving,


June 24, 2018


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Kids with chef hats preparing the cake dough - mixing ingredient Have you ever made bread? I must say that bread baking in your kitchen makes your entire house smell like love. If you haven’t made bread, have you ever bought bread from a bakery warm out of the oven? In Brooklyn, when I was young, my father and I would go to the German deli and buy bread hot out of the oven then wait for the bread to be put into a large machine and sliced. All the way home the car would smell so divine we could hardly wait to get home to eat it and slather it with butter.

Write your stories about bread. Write every detail. Remember the joy of it all.

Keep the pen moving,


FYI – the Can You Find My Love? children’s book series is now being translated into Spanish. The first book, Seasons, has already been published. It can be bought on


June 23, 2018


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KODAK Digital Still Camera The best way to start a day is to sit down with a journal and pen and write what is on your mind. What does the morning feel like? Is there something you are taking with you into today from yesterday that you would like to resolve or release? Is there something you desire to do today for your well-being or to help another? Is there a childhood memory that has been coming to mind lately? Releasing these thoughts, wishes, feelings is a spiritual cleansing.

Write — write it all out — keep going until you are spent. Then, take a pencil and circle all the words or phrases that would allow you to drop deeper and write a piece starting with each word or phrase circled. Keep going until you are through. This is a fabulous cleansing ritual.

Keep the pen moving,


June 21, 2018


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girl opening curtains in a bedroom Windows let us look out to the world. And windows also give us a framed photo of the scene outside it. What window have you liked to look through the most? Why? What was it about this window’s view that you liked?

Keep the pen moving,


June 11, 2018

Reaching for Comfort

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bigstock-Freshly-baked-peanut-butter-co-38755924 Can’t you just smell them? We all have comfort foods. What is yours? Why does this one food bring you comfort? Write it all out.

Keep the pen moving,


May 21, 2018

Be Creative

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KODAK Digital Still Camera There is no such thing as writers block. If you find yourself staring at the blank page, check your body. Maybe it is hungry or needs to stretch. Maybe you need to write in order to warm up. Okay, you can start with any idea. Then you can lead into your writing project. So here is a warm-up idea. Take the words coffee, high heels, tight skirt, and skinny jeans and put them all in a short piece of flash fiction, 250 – 750 words.

Keep the pen moving,


May 20, 2018


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KODAK Digital Still Camera Write a story or non-fiction piece about what you would place in this bowl and why. Perhaps you bought this at a yard sale or inherited it from your grandmother. Be creative and let your mind wander.

Keep the pen moving,


May 18, 2018


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littleoldladyAt what birthday do you see yourself saying this? And what do you hope you will be up to on that day?

Keep the pen moving,


April 27, 2018

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KODAK Digital Still Camera

Life doesn’t always go the way we want, does it?

Welcome back everyone! I am finally getting settled after the many losses I incurred from hurricane Harvey. Whew!

What have you learned from one of your life disasters. With every difficult time we learn many things.

Keep the pen moving,


Light,aBookofPoemsP.S. My 2nd book of poetry, Light, a Book of Poems, was just released. Hot off the press! You can purchase your copy on Amazon. Check it out!


September 11, 2017

Time Out

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Hurricane Harvey took my apartment in Texas. Due to this, I will not be posting daily prompts until I get re-settled. Hopefully, this will not take long. Thank you for your consideration. Jan

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