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July 12, 2011

Cleaning Up Your Life to Stay Healthy

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Seventy percent of the current population is chemically sensitive– right now– so if you think this article does not apply to you, think again. You might not be as sick as those in Dr. Rei’s clinic in Dallas, the only clinic for the environmentally effected. But I promise you, there is something in the environment that you cannot be around and be comfortable. Think about it. Cigarette smoke is one of those major smells that deleteriously effects many people, perfume another and also the smell of gasoline while pumping gasoline into a car.

Considering the fact that we are exposed to approximately 80,000 chemicals a day — we are in big trouble. This statistic makes the preponderance of cancer understandable. The unfortunate aspect of all this is that as long as we stay busy, take medicine instead of searching out the cause of illness and remain complacent about what the EPA and other companies are getting away with, we will remain physically in danger. There is a fantastic movement by Earthjustice, Wildlife Federation and other organizations to save our planet. Trust me! As a woman who has been so sick in the past (thank you God) that I couldn’t be around scotch tape, we cannot live without our environment. Pres. Obama just lessened the limit on formaldehyde that companies put into plywood and particle board. If you are remodeling or building anything, know that insulation, OSB products, paints, thinners, you name it — all contain formaldehyde. AFM is a great company to get organic building and household products. They ship out of California and Colorado. Get Co-op Green America for a telephone book directory ($10) for a list of all sources.

I could write a book on this and maybe one day I will sit with all my resources and do just that. For the time being, I’m going to suggest a few things to slowly change into your life. This can seem overwhelming but a friend of mine changed one or two things each time she shopped and within a year her home was organic and non-toxic.

So–here is what I recommend:

1. Buy organic foods. If you can’t afford them or they are not available then soak in white vinegar and rinse well. Keep in mind white vinegar is edible.

2. Clean your house with non-toxic products. If you are using standard products you are toxifying your home. Use white vinegar, lemon juice, borax and baking soda. I have a spray bottle of white vinegar and water and spray it on everything. White vinegar is an anti-microbial and anti-fungal and is more effective than bleach. Check out Gaiam’s website for clothing and household products.

3. Don’t use any product with 1. fragrance or 2. corn syrup

4. Wash new clothes with 1/4 cup of white vinegar to help remove toxins. It might take several washes for this to work. Buy clothing made with organic cotton, bamboo and soy. It is amazing what caring people are doing to save the rest of us from ourselves. Check out Gaiam, Dreamwords, Bio-Kleen, Indigineous Design, Earth Speaks.

5. Don’t use your cell phone in your car. Now I know you are thinking that this request has to do with safety and yes, it does. What happens when you use cell phones in your car is that whatever the cell phone gives off hits the metal in your car and comes back at you. If I had my way there would be no cell phones. Brain tumors are up 5% because of them and Canada and I believe Sweden has banned them for children under 12.

Be willing to face the discomfort of changing your lifestyle a little in order to save your life.

That’s all for now. If you follow these suggestions during the next month you will have made a huge step towards keeping you and your loved ones healthier.

Until next time, Jan

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