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November 17, 2014


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anduze2004When you sit to journal write, there are basically two ways to do it:

1. Write what you are already thinking. If you are mentally working out a problem, a plan to make, a decision to organize, your mind already has a path where it wants to go. Write it out in detail.

2. You aren’t thinking of anything but you want to write for practice. As soon as your pen touches the paper begin to write and don’t stop until you feel completed with the energy. In other words, you put your pen to the paper and begin:

I’m not sure what I want to say today except  that it is a warm morning and the birds have been singing while I continued dreaming. Oh, that reminds me I have to get bird food and yesterday I had the weirdest dream.

Number 2 is the free-write style. You don’t stop writing to deliberately think where you want the writing to go. In Number 1 you direct your pen but in Number 2 your mind directs your pen and you let loose your thoughts and follow them without censor. You don’t tell yourself you can’t write something or you have to write something, you just write.

Do this everyday and watch your mind, watch how you direct your mind, watch how you control your mind from having its imagination, its creative source, and its power, and practice letting it go.

Keep the pen moving!

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