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July 30, 2011

This Site Is To Bring Writers Together

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Have a book you would like reviewed? Contact me and let me know what the book is about. I’d like to offer this blog to authors who would like to share their works with readers. It is difficult enough in this highly competitive market to get noticed. So I’d like to offer my site to help support writers. I prefer to review self-published books so those of us struggling to get noticed can do so here. So send me a comment.

In the meantime, are you in the middle of a project? Stuck on something? Want an idea? Bring it up here.

One idea I’d like to throw out if you happen to be stuck on a manuscript. Take one character and build it as much as you can. Describe his/her physical features, his profession, how would he handle witnessing a murder, a robbery, a rape, the birth of a baby, a man proposing?? What does he smell like, what are his annoying habits or the ones that drive women crazy with passion??

Take one scene from the manuscript and write 1,000 words on it without stopping. Just let your pen or your fingers race and your mind ramble until you hit upon an idea that pulls at you.

That’s it for now. Check out my website on which we can talk about topics brought up in my books or letters you write in the penpals category or writing tips in the splash category. Why the category splash?? Well, splash was the first big word I learned in first grade, I thought it was a fun word and I still do. So take those writing tips and splash your ideas onto the page.




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